What is hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoid is the diseased vascular cushion at the anus. Normally, these vascular cushions are situated in the anal canal between the anal skin and the anal sphincter. It is a sponge like vascular structure and it helps the anal sphincter to prevent leakage of feces or gas through the anal canal. When the anal vascular cushion causing symptom(s) or complication(s), it is called Hemorrhoid and treatment for hemorrhoid is required. The aim of treatment is to reduce the symptoms, but not to remove all vascular cushions.

Hemorrhoids classifications:

Internal Hemorrhoid, External Hemorrhoid, Prolapsed Internal Hemorrhoid and Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is classified by its location.
Dentate / Pectinate line: A zigzag line between anal skin and rectal skin
A. Hemorrhoid locates above dentate line
B. External Hemorrhoid: Hemorrhoid locates below dentate line
C. Prolapsed internal Hemorrhoid: Hemorrhoid locates above and below dentate line
D. Thrombosed external Hemorrhoid: Clotted bloud inside the blood vessels of the Hemorrhoid. It appears as a red-purple firm anal swelling. Patients may feel discomfort or severe rectal pain over this swelling.

Hemorrhoid symptoms