Skin Polyps

What are skin polyps?

Skin polyps are painless skin nodules over face, neck, chest, back, armpit, or groin. Their size and shape are irregular. Their size can vary from few mm to few cm. It is a result of the fibro-epithelial hypertrophy of skin and subcutaneous tissue.


It may be related to repeated friction or obesity.


Skin polyps are usually painless.  Patients usually complained of skin nodules over friction area of neck, chest, back, armpit, or groin.  With friction from towel, collar, and necklace, patients may experience pain or discomfort.


Patients should consider the following treatments if the polyps / papilloma causing discomfort or distress:


Q:  Will it induce the growth of more skin polyps after removing skin polyp(s)?
A:  No.

Q:  Are skin polyps cancer or pre-cancer lesions?
A:  No.  They are benign skin lesions that are not going to transform to skin cancer.

Q:  Do I need to remove all skin polyps?
A:  No.  If you feel discomfort over the skin polyps or find it disfiguring, you should consider removal of the skin polyps.

Q:  How to differentiate between skin polyp and sebaceous cyst?

  Skin polyps Sebaceous cyst
Shape Irregular pedunculated skin nodules Roundish nodule below skin surface
Discharge No discharge upon compression May have some white discharge upon pressure