What is wart?

Wart is a common skin disease. It is caused by human papilloma virus. Wart can grow in nearly every part of our body. It commonly affects kids and adolescents.


Wart is a contagious disease. You may develop wart if you share towel, shaver, or personal belongings with the infected person. Wart can spread from one place to another in your body. If you have poor immunity, you may have higher chance of having wart.


Warts can present in different size and shape. It may cause a raised skin patch or rough round skin nodule. There may be black dots in the centre. It sometimes causes pain and bleeds. Some warts are flat. Most of the patient noticed there is some skin color and skin pattern change in the wart comparing to the surrounding skin.


Small percentage of the wart subsides without treatment in few months or few years time.  If warts cause discomfort, increase in numbers, or affect the appearance, then you should consider the following treatments:


Q: How to prevent warts?
A: Avoid to contact patients with warts and their belongings.  Do not share items such as razors, towels, socks and shoes.  Avoid walking barefoot in public bathroom and dressing room.  To keep feet dry.